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605 Third Avenue

New York, NY

A lobby is a transitional environment between the city and the office, a brief reprieve from the bustle of the street and the work that lies ahead. To create an environment that instills a moment of reflection, Rockwell Group conceived a lobby concept that draws inspiration from the shifting, meditative colors of kaleidoscopes. The design straddles the line between corporate restraint and contemporary culture to create a playful, bold identity for 605 Third Avenue in Manhattan.

An inhabitable kaleidoscope
Each tile can be programmed to be opaque, clear, or one of 254 monochromatic shades in between.

Designed by the LAB at Rockwell Group, two oversized digital glass windows comprised of a grid of LCD tiles flank the entry. Custom software generates abstract content, ranging from patterns driven by real-time weather to algorithmically derived geometry.

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