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All Aboard Florida's new train service, Brightline, whisks passengers along a 235-mile route with stops in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando. Brightline not only connects these key cities, it also connects people, communities, and cultures. The LAB at Rockwell Group conducted months of research to develop the groundbreaking travel concept that underpins the service, and conceived the Brightline name, brand platform, and visual identity. Rockwell Group architects and designers followed with a design concept for all four stations.

With this bedrock of insight, the LAB designed the trains, inside and out. Our architects conceived the stations to embody the concepts of speed and motion.

It isn't just about getting from A to B—it's about connecting people.

The LAB conducted targeted and observational research on the road and rails and in the air. The result is an entirely new travel experience, offering the most reliable Wi-Fi, delicious food, clean accommodations, and immersive entertainment.

Brightline's cheerful, approachable identity is a window into its ethos, which extends to the train exteriors and cabins and the seamless travel experience, from departure to arrival.

Brightline reflects Florida's welcoming spirit with fresh and playful graphics. Each of the five aerodynamic trains in the fleet is a different color, adding an element of surprise on the platform.

A common design concept, aesthetic and material palette, including back-painted glass, stainless steel and Corian, connect the terminals. Custom modular seating embody the concepts of speed and motion.

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