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Gran Hotel Inglés

Madrid, Spain

Gran Hotel Inglés has been a landmark since it was officially opened in 1886. The first hotel to have a restaurant, and on the first street in the city to receive electric lights, it became a cultural icon as well. After years of neglect and disrepair, the hotel has been renovated and redesigned for today’s sophisticated, modern traveler.

Rockwell Group brought back the glamour, elegance, and innovation of the hotel, weaving original imagery and salvaged historic items into our design.

A gathering place

We celebrated the 20’ lobby ceiling with circular chandeliers. Inspired by a classic English manor, a central lobby bar is surrounded by a cocktail lounge with clusters of area rugs and a range of seating. It is meant to be a gathering spot for locals as much as it is for visitors.

The upholstery of the bedframes is mimicked around the leather and upholstery-clad monolithic TV wall.

Marble standalone bathtubs are accompanied by a custom stand that holds a drink and accessories.

In the white-painted guestrooms, we played with the classic geometry of the molding by deconstructing it and extending it across the ceiling.

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