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Museum of Broadway

New York, NY

The Museum of Broadway in the heart of Times Square and the Theater District is the first permanent museum dedicated to the history of Broadway and how it shaped—and was shaped by—New York City.

Rockwell Group designed the museum’s finale and largest exhibition, The Making of a Broadway Show, which takes visitors, literally, backstage and behind the curtains and introduces them to each and every craftsperson and technician who bring theater to life every night.

museum of broadway theater design rockwell group stagecraft times square new york

The Making of a Broadway Show

We created as authentic an experience as possible, drawing on our intimate backstage knowledge accrued over decades of designing sets for Broadway shows.

Our goal was to express the balletic coordination that must be achieved with each professional discipline backstage. We accomplished this through the non-linear choreography we created for the exhibition, and the themes and throughlines that are repeated in each space. The exhibition is interactive, with a light overlay of both digital and analog touchpoints.

Spike tapes on the floor and quotes from Broadway authors, designers, and composers are scattered throughout.

Monitors at each section play interviews with important Broadway artists who recount favorite theater memories and relay insight on life backstage.

Renowned artists, historians, and designers have teamed up to create an interactive experience that takes guests on a journey. Visitors will learn how the City’s theaters migrated to Broadway; meet theater pioneers; witness how social and political movements were reflected by productions of the time; and go inside momentous musical moments.

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