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Did you know that many successful ideas come from spontaneous, informal conversations in interstitial spaces, like next to the water cooler? For Knoll, Rockwell Group used this insight to elevate the magic and importance of these “in between” spaces, capturing the unexpected and creating more moments of connection in the workplace with the Unscripted furniture collection to include over 30 products in six categories.

See your work environment as a stage where you get to craft the scene.
David Rockwell

Rockwell Unscripted for Knoll is a furniture collection that reinvents shared and collaborative workspaces. Drawing on Rockwell Group’s background in hospitality, theater, and play, the collection includes borders, steps, tables, seating, storage, and accessories. From oversized library tables and puffy screens, to poufs and lap trays, Unscripted's elements provide users the flexibility to customize and create their own environments. This kit-of-parts concept is an un-system.

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