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Soundtrack of America

New York, NY

A five-night concert series, Soundtrack of America inaugurated The Shed and celebrated the influence of African American music with a new generation of groundbreaking artists. Production designers David Rockwell and Adam Stockhausen wrapped The McCourt in plywood, creating a uniform, unpretentious platform that allowed the musicians to shine with no distractions.

Directed by Turner Prize-winning artist and Oscar-winning filmmaker Steve McQueen and commissioned by Quincy Jones, Soundtrack traced a musical “family tree."

An ADA-accessible, cascading topography of plywood tiers provides raised standing-room space above the general admission plywood floor.

The stage is a series of four elemental plywood boxes that forms a kind of folly—a simple expression of columns, beams, and planes. The boxes contain sliding doors and platforms that can be adjusted for different performers, making it a rough and ready kit of parts.

Photography Credit: Iwan Baan Courtesy of The Shed

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